I am able to carry out for you a wide array of professional music services from my Studio. My aim is to help you get the best performance and recording of your music through my own experience and expertise. Going into the studio is a sensitive experience and I am very conscientious of delivering the artistic intent that you require whilst giving my best advice along the way.

Before we begin working together I can offer (if required) a free consultation and viewing of the studio and a breif talk of your project goals. These could be…

  • Producing and Engineering for your band or solo project – recording live instruments, MIDI sequencing and using professional audio workstations to create your tracks.
  • Assisting in Arrangements – including scoring and recording some of the session musicians I work closely with.
  • Mixing and Mastering of your material to the highest quality for online platform use and Stereo CD duplication


Examples below of Elephant EP. Self produced, arranged and mixed. As featured by Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6, BBC Southern Counties Radio.